Description               Base Dimension        Top Dimension         Height Dimension     Sleeves per Case     Case Count       Case Weight
8 oz - 1/2 Pint           2.375"L x 1.875"W                                             2.500"H                      10/100                     1000                    34lbs
16 oz - Pint                3.00"L x 2.25"W         3.75"L x 3.00"W              3.625"H                      5/100                       500                      29lbs
26 oz                         3.125"L x 2.50"W       4.00"L x 3.625"W            4.125"H                      5/100                       500                      38lbs
28 oz                         3.125"L x 2.50"W       4.00"L x 3.625"W            4.250"H                      5/100                       500                      40lbs
32 oz - Quart             3.375"L x 2.75"W       4.50"L x 3.75"W              4.375"H                      5/100                       500                      43lbs
64 oz - 2 Quart          4.375"L x 3.625"W     5.25"L x 5.00"W              5.125"H                      4/50                         200                      30lbs
Food Pail Dimensions and Case Information
Ultra Heavy Duty Pails
16 oz - Pint                2.25"L x 3.00"W         3.00"L x 3.75"W              3.625"H                      4/100                       400                      27lbs
26 oz                         2.50"L x 3.125"W       3.625"L x 4.00"W            4.125"H                      4/100                       400                      39lbs
32 oz - Quart             2.75"L x 3.375"W       3.75"L x 4.50"W              4.375"H                      4/100                       400                      44lbs
All food pails are available in a plain white, pagoda print, dragon-phoenix print and plain brown kraft paper.
Pails are packaged in a recyclable paper bag sleeve.  
Eastern Style Pails
(Wire handle)