Yes. We pride ourselves in the ability to cost-effectively manufacture products here in the United States. Since our products are used
exclusively in the food service industry to transport food, this provides a reassurance to consumers that all products are manufactured
in a manner approved by the FDA.

Are our products FDA approved?
Yes. All  all of our source materials are approved by the FDA for food service use.

Are Golden West Paper products recyclable?
Yes. All of are products can be recycled. The ability to recycle a product is dependent upon your local municipalities recycling methods
that are available to the public. Contact your local municipality to confirm ability.

Are old growth forests harvested for paperboard?
No. Vendors that we purchase products from are certified by various forestry councils to ensure that sustainable forestry is practiced.

What is sustainable forestry?
It is the practice of managing and conserving all forest resources to meet the needs of society today and for future generations.
Under sustainable forestry guidelines, our vendors plan their forest landscapes using a variety of species, age classes and stand
densities, and harvest using several methods, including clear cutting . Clear cutting is an acceptable and appropriate forest practice
that does not damage the environment when planned and conducted in a responsible manner. It is especially useful for quickly
establishing and growing tree seedlings that require maximum sunlight to flourish. Without the sunlight, trees seedlings will not
survive and grow.

How much is harvested and when is a tree ready for harvest?
On a annual average, our vendors clearcut less than 2% of their forestlands annually. In Addition, aesthetic considerations are
included in tree harvest planning which allows harvested areas to reach five feet in height or three years of age before clear-cutting on
adjacent forestlands. Also, forest breaks averaging 300 feet wide between clearcut areas are maintained to enhance visual appeal as
well as to provide wildlife habitat and travel corridors.

What happens after harvesting?
Each year, our vendors regenerate all forest acres harvested. These sustainable forestlands are planted with tree seedlings
developed to grow faster, grow straighter, to become more disease resistant and to produce more than twice the wood volume of a
natural wood forest.
At Golden West Paper, we understand that sustainability is one of the most important topics we currently face and that the future depends
upon the choices we make. While we are committed to providing customers with high quality and cost effective products, we are also
dedicated towards the usage of sustainable  solutions that optimize not only energy, but also maximize the usage of recycled and renewed
source materials.

As a manufacture of single use paper products, Golden West Paper strives to accommodate the demand for affordable and durable paper
products, while addressing the issues of sustainability. Golden West Paper's commitment to sustainability includes:

*Working with source materials that are obtained/harvested from a sustainable supply
*providing information to our suppliers in the development of sustainable materials
*Establish and maintaining energy efficient manufacturing facilities and transportation programs
*Identifying through our customers the products that will optimize their options for local municipality disposal and recovery
Eco Facts