Description          Base Dimension / Top Dimension / Height Dimension / Sleeves per Case / Case Count / Case Weight
FT-100 / 1 lb             3.75"L x 2.25"W        5.75"L x 4.25"W              1.50"H                      4/250                     1000                  14lbs
FT-200 / 2 lb             4.25"L x 2.625"W      6.50"L x 4.50"W              1.625"H                    4/250                      1000                  18lbs
FT-300 / 3 lb             5.25"L x 3.00"W        8.00"L x 6.00"W              2.25"H                      4/125                       500                  13lbs
KMA-582 / Brown Tray 8.50"L x 5.50"W       10.50"L x 6.50"W             2.00"H                      4/125                       500                 31lbs
FT-500 / 5 lb             6.25"L x 3.625"W      9.50"L x 8.50"W              2.625"H                    4/125                       500                  18lbs
Features and Benefits
Food Trays
Food trays are made from FDA approved paper that can be recycled. Paper food trays are microwavable and are ideal
for deli foods, fast food restaurants and condiments. Brown trays are made from 100% recycled paper, they are
generally used for schools and business cafeterias.
Food Tray Dimensions and Case Information